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From: Brian Pape (bpape@ezl.com)
Date: 05/08/96

If people would read through this and give me their thoughts on it, I'd
appreciate it.  Replying to me and not the list is fine too...

Thought I'd throw my two cents into this discussion...  I don't really
have a problem with people asking 'howcome my new guildmaster isn't
working, I've done this...  but it still doesn't work', or 'in what ways
have people added multiclassing to the muds', or even 'I don't understand
the concept behind ACMD()'- these are common questions, but they don't
necessarily indicate that the poster is stupid, clueless, or lazy...  I
don't necessarily answer these questions all the time, but I certainly
won't flame the poster.

What I _don't_ like are people who say 'how do I write a function that
returns a value', or other questions that could _easily_ be answered in
any beginning C text, or asked on a more appropriate forum (i.e. a C
newsgroup or mailing list).

I tried to unsubscribe to this list out of some frustration with stupid
questions the other day and it didn't go through, so I thought I'd stick
around a bit longer...  I don't think that a seperate mailing list is
necessary or even desirable, anything discussed on it would be appropriate
here and possibly give people ideas.  What I _do_ think should be done, is
to discourage beginning C syntax related questions, and people quit
writing multiple posts defending the people who write these off-topic

Most of the better coders out there probably spent a bit of time to try to
figure things out from day one- asking people irrelevant questions that
can be easily answered elsewhere does nothing but add to the number of
stock circle muds out there with a few things cut and pasted in, and
'imps' (if you can correctly call them that) who never will bother to
figure something out on their own.

Reign of Towers


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