Re: purpose of this list...

From: Brian Pape (
Date: 05/08/96

> Come on folks, is it truly necessary to mass-flame someone for a silly
> mistake in a line of code, or are do we truly have that much of a lack of
> time.  I find the whole thing completely assinine, if stupid people talk
> to you ignore them or use private e-mail, at least TRY to be men about
> this , ok??  Or is that too much to ask.

Mass flame someone?  Please re-read my post, it was not in response to any
one post, it was a comment on the number of posts we have had here lately
in regards to a) starting a second mailing list  b) the purpose or topic
if _this_ list.

Reign of Towers

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      Bambenek, Esq.

"Never trust someone whose name ends with ``Esquire'' or ``III''"
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