Re: Few questions.

From: Sammy (
Date: 05/08/96

On Mon, 6 May 1996, David E. Case wrote:

> Hey. I'm using Circle 2.20 (someday I'll use 3.0... heh) and have a few
> quick questions:
> 1. Is it relatively easy to have a huge amount of objs/mobs/rooms? I mean,
> does it take extra coding to make more than a certain amount? Is there an
> upward limit?

Yes it's easy to add support for more prototypes.  You're currently 
limited to about 32000 of each, but if you want to allow many more (too 
lazy to do the math right now) change all the sh_int prototype variables 
to long int.

> 2. Generally what things need to be changed to add northeast, southwest,
> etc? I tried grepping for north then direction and randomly modified things,
> but that didn't work too well. :)

You'll need to change NUM_OF_DIRS in structs.h to reflect how many 
directions you want, and add more caridnal direction in the same file 
(search for "cardinal directions").  Then in constants.c, search for 
"cardinal directions", add there, and find "rev_dir" and add there too.

You'll also need to add new commands to move in those directions.  I 
think that's about it.


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