Re: A day in the life...

From: David Wruck (
Date: 05/09/96

On Wed, 8 May 1996, Steve Wilson wrote:

> Jeremy Elson wrote:
> >
> > To anyone who doubts that I regularly get email from *really* clueless
> > people, I present this which I received not 10 minutes ago.  (This is
> > from the same gentleman who asked me to send him a copy of 'make' because
> > his system didn't have it and I told him that he needed it.)
> Ick.*grin*
> Guess this comes with the territory.  Moderating another mail-list
> could be time-consuming.  As noted before, perhaps explanations and/or samples
> of basic coding questions (adding skills, classes, spells, spec procs, FLAGS, etc)
> under 2.x and 3.x could be put on the WWW (edit & HTML-ize coding.doc?).
> Add links for those needing to brush up on their C?
> The Circle FAQ mentions fixes for the most part.  Updating/adding new mail
> archives can help too. Good luck.

	You know, I have been reading these posts, and coming from someone
lucky enough to HAVE a c/c++ programmer as one of the imps, I feel I have
a certian luxury not all people have.
	A different solution to this would be to go through the mailing list
archives, and weed out the posts that are off-topic (as this entire thread
really is) and have the "pure" coding information and straight information
posts available to download. Kind of as a first stop question place. 
	It could be HTML-ized and placed on a server somewhere, so people
had a place to go and look at other people's public solutions to the 
usual problems (ie I want more classes, etc).
	The project would be fairly simple once going, but a real pain
to initiate (mainly coding the original HTML information, and gathering
the same).
	If people are truly interested in this (and I suppose since I 
*did* after all open my mouth the least I could do is volenteer) I 
could set up such a site, and maintain it.

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