Problem advancing and demoting

From: Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira (
Date: 05/09/96

Guys... Ive run into a problem and I cannot figure it out, I already read 
the FAQ and what exists of coding.doc ;) and coulnd't find the reason

I run a Circle pl11 not much modified, so far only have added the arena, 
the cleric and OasisOLC (All from contrib) and I made some mods to the 
consider commands myself. Oh, the MUD is running in BSD/OS 2.0.1.

The thing is that I was testing the other my first imm (an imp from 
another MUD who came for testing) and I saw that if I advanced someone to 
god level everything went fine, but if I demoted him again to level 30 
(or lower) he wouldn't know, and I would get the message "You feel 
diminished"... I think this message should go to the PC and not me... Any 
info on this...

(I know I may be very vaggue but I don't know what else to specify..:)



Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira        
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Proveedor de Servicio Internet                    Internet Service Provider
                                CIATEQ, A.C.
 Centro de Investigacion y Asistencia Tecnica del Estado de Queretaro, A.C.

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