DEBATE: tagging system in subject headers (fwd)

From: Billy H. Chan (bhchan@po.EECS.Berkeley.EDU)
Date: 05/09/96

From: Naved A Surve <>

  The problem with asking people to catagorize their post by headings
  such as NEWBIE and CODING is that to a newbie it might not be apparent
  that the question being asked is a newbie question.  A newbie coder will
  ask a coding question that may appear to be really difficult, but to the
  rest of us is old hat.

No problem, the replier can alwas recategorize an incorrectly tagged
message.  Preferably, newbies will tag their meesages as NEWBIE, and more
'advance' people can then say... "yeah this might have more global interest."
and retag as CODING.
problem solved?
-- Billy  H. Chan
   CogSci/CompSci     ResumeInside

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