Re: FlameFest II: This is is not CS 1

From: Brian Pape (
Date: 05/09/96

> 	Ok, I'm going to say something here that is a killer people. I am
> a CNE and I can not tell you the number of sites that I go to to work on
> problems for people and find the manual (with the answer very PLAINLY
> printed in it) still in shrink wrap buried in a box.

> 	More companies (who are not individual people mind you) are
> spending more and more money on "repairs" that are simple configuration
> errors or, better yet, simply people who refuse to read the README FIRST
> cards and files that come with software.

  It's great job security isn't it...  I do consulting in addition to my
regular job, not currently a CNE (although should be soon) and I see this
all the time...  All I'm trying to say is I have no problem with newbie
circle-related questions, but 'how do I write a function that returns a
value' isn't what this list is about, IMHO...  Those people should be
directed to a good C textbook or a C related newsgroup or mailing list.
Laziness (which is what it usually is) exists, and has to be tolerated,
but that doesn't mean it needs to be _encouraged_.
  All I would ask is that people not bother to even answer posts like that
and to merely privately email the party telling them where to look.  I am
constantly seeing people encouraging these types of questions.  The
questions can't be stopped, but we don't need to encourage them.

Reign of Towers

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