Re: the two lists idea...

From: Rose Witt (
Date: 05/10/96

ShadowLord wrote:
> On Fri, 10 May 1996, Rose Witt wrote:
> > If Newbies can not turn to those who know, who can the turn too.
> > And to those who can code, what if a person(such as myself) can code in
> > C and C++, but is new to the mudding. My main problem is knowing where
> > to put things.  Put a code in front of my, tell me what you want and I
> > can get it done. Working on docs for newbies is a great Idea, Three
> > cheers to all involved. Special thanks to all who answere the "stupid"
> > questions. There are alot of muds in need of good coders, so feel
> > accomplished in creating good coders.
> >
>         EXACTLY!  Thank you for making my point.  Newbies should turn to
> those who know -- their stupid C questions ("What's a pointer? -- duh")
> should be directed towards comp.lang.c, they might get a few flames, but
> since that newsgroup is for C programming, I don't see how it could be
> called off-topic.
>         Furthermore, if you know how to program in C and C++, then you
> shouldn't have a problem finding where the hell everything is in the
> source code by looking UNLESS you suffer from laziness (and if so, then
> why are you bothering to post?).  Let me assure you, 99% of the newbie
> questions are things that are probably covered in every single C-primer
> availible.
>         We're not here to teach them how to code!  We're here to discuss
> CircleMUD, and I wish everyone would just shut up about this.  This is
> neither helping newbies, nor is it about Circle.  This is my last
> contribution to this thread, and if you know what's good for you, you'll
> stop, too.
>         But remember this, many people (including myself) are not here to
> teach newbies how to code.  I don't know about anyone else, but I'm here
> to discuss ideas, perhaps pass along a bit of code, and occassionally pick
> up some code of interest to me so I don't reinvent the wheel or so I have
> some reference when I'm writing my own code.  Newbies asking CS 1
> questions and newbies asking relevant Circle questions are different, but
> sometimes too related ("could someone write me some code for
> multi-classing?" or something stupid like that).If you haven't noticed I have never asked a question on this list. I do look and find 
for myself. But I see nothing wrong with sharing experience(if the sharer wants to)
I only post to this because it goes on for so long.

OK, so

1)name NEWBIE and other titles so you can skip over it
2)Split list
3)tell newbies don't bother subscribing to this list
4)Have list subscribers fill out an app.(so you can make sure they are what YOU want)

There is obviously a split on this, some also don't mind helping
But I don't blame those who do, sorry if it sopunded that way.
You may not be here to teach, but as I said some don't mind helping.

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