From: Ole Gjerde (
Date: 05/10/96

On Fri, 10 May 1996, Chris Anderson wrote:

>         I seem to have gotten MObprg for BPL8 successfully patched (after 
> 2-1/2 hours of dickin around..:)
>         When I put a simple program into a fido, it dosen't seem to trigger. 
> Ever.
> I used the original sample program, and it didn't work.
> Now, there are a couple of solutions
> either I install it to PL8 (Is whaat it was intended for, then apply all the 
> patches to take it to 11 {ACK}),

I patched it into pl8 and it worked great, but it does not work in pl11 
for me either.  It didn't patch in cleanly, but I patched the rest in the 
right place.  So I should work fine.  I think the only program I've 
gotten to work is speech_prog.  When I use a act_prog, the function that 
handles the act_prog does get called.  It should work fine.  But I 
haven't found out what's wrong yet.  I guess I'll just have to look 
harder :)

btw: I don't think there is a newer version of the circle "version" of it.

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