Recent quality of posts

From: Mark McArthey (
Date: 05/11/96

Hi all,

It is apparent that some sort of moderation needs to be enforced
on this list.  I am on about 10 different lists and receive about 100
messages a day.  To this point, this list had maintained a high quality
of posts and conservation of bandwidth.  Recently, as I'm sure everyone
has noticed, it has suffered from those that feel they are more righteous
than the others subscribed and must share their opinions with the group.  
This does not show intelligence or superiority. This shows nothing other 
than selfishness.  
If the quality of posts continue as they have, moderation of the list would
take up a large amount of someone's time.  From the responses to such posts,
I can see that not many are content to leave the list as it now stands.
I propose that we _all_ act as moderators.  Part of this task would involve
NOT responding to off-topic messages.  This only seems to illicit further
off-topic messages and causes the downgrade of the list.  Take the
message as a form of entertainment.  If you are keeping a collection of 
newbies and and their display of ignorance, then welcome this addition 
to your collection.  Please do NOT respond to the list!  If you feel
the need to correct someone on their netiquette or ignorance of a topic,
let them know in private.  The rest of the list is not here as a sounding
board, nor as a group that will back you up.  
The fact that we are subscribed to a common list does not mean that 
we necessarily share common beliefs in any other topic.  

To sum up, since many of us are annoyed by the recent posts to this list,
take it upon yourself to moderate.  It may make you feel better to respond
to such messages, but then the rest of the list has to read them and that
is NOT what we are here for.  

Thanks for listening,


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