Re: IDEA: One list, two lists, or something else...

From: Harvey Gilpin (
Date: 05/11/96

Raistlin <> wrote:

>> >Why don't we create a UseNet group for Circle.  There is more than
>> >enough traffic on this list to fuel it, and I'm sure we could get
>> >enough names to create an offical 'rec' group rather than just an
>> >alt' one.  "" perhaps.
>> >Any comments?

>Yeah, then maybe it will get all the same coding help that you can get in 
> and alt.mud.programming.  All that I see those morons do is fight 
>over whos mud is the best, and how they can "code" better then one another.  Yeah great 
>idea, lets just ruin the mailing list and make it a news group.

Nasty bout of cynicism you got there.

>Also, about 2 lists.  
>Whats a stupid idea.  If you great C coders out there just can't put up with newbie 
>questions, maybe you shouldn't be on this HELP mailing list.  I thought the idea of this 
>list was to help people out, not fight over how important their question is.

Good point.

> This is getting as bad as a news group.

No, only it's content is.  It's not as good as a news group since I
have to download every message.

>  If you don't want to read the newbie questions, DON'T! 

Reading them is not the issue for me, it's the time spent downloading

> Delete can't be that hard for your elite C-coder self, highlight, delete button.  Hard 
>stuff.  Yes, there have been some very easy to answer questions just by looking thru the 
>code or a FAQ, but it only takes one person to give that person the help he/she needs.  
>Not 5 or 6 people telling him/her that their question isn't wanted and they should go 
>buy a book and read the whole thing before asking any of their questions again.  What 
>kind of stuck up shit is that?

It's not stuck up, it's the help they need.  

Q: "How do I code this?"
A: "Go buy a book on C, this one is good"

People will learn far more from a C book than they  ever could on this

>  I would personally have those 5 or 6 people bombarded by 
> anonymous Email, with loads of newbie questions that they can't respond to.  

Very mature.


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