Zone proceedure and <if-flag>

From: Jonathan Michel (
Date: 05/11/96

        I am attempting to have a key load in a zone only after a remove
command is executed.

R 0 9331 9309           Remove the books from room 9331

M 1 3064 1 9331        Load the drunk into room

G 1 9303 1                      Give the drunk keys

The books Vnum # 9309 never get removed fro the room
the zone is set to 93 1 1 so it should reset often

I don't care if the keys load as an object or equ.
But they can't load (even after crash) until after the books
are placed in the room.

Anyone know whats up?

Does the R command work well normally as a base for <if-flags>
Thank you

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