Re: IDEAS: About bitfields

From: Kresimir Kukulj (
Date: 05/13/96

>use "unsigned".  Anyway, the fix many people have used is bitfields, which
>is availible at the CircleMUD ftp site (last I checked).  If you want to
>use bitfields and CircleMUD pl11, I think you'll have to 'diff' the
>bitfields pl with a stock Circle of the same pl and then try 'patch'ing it
>into CircleMUD, manually adding in rejected things.

I am interested to use bitfields ( I have the same patch ).
But I a little worried about lag it will produce.
Bitfields are a lot slower than plain #define...and in a search through
linked list (2000 and more ) it would slow it down, but HOW MUCH?


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