From: Marcelo Valle Moreira (
Date: 05/13/96

That idea of fate points is cool, you could also tell us what you think it should be a NOT allowed kill.
What you think should -- someone's fate points?
Hmmm, I was thinking about removing one fate point and/or setting the killer flag.(and here we have a judge Dredd that do_consider says the perfect match for the implementors, and dredd has this feeling 'bout KILLERs =o) for those players
that start a fight with someone 4 or 5 levels below them.
We stil thinking in how to judge it. any ideas ?
I just can't let dredd go killing, he's stay in zone mob, but once we decide how to judge correctly I'll set him free =o)

ah! we've made a gassist, that allows you to assist anyone in your group who's fighting.
Usefull for those ppl with a hardtyping long complicated names. it's based in the split command =o)
if any *other* newbie would like to take a look I can send it to you.

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