Re: OasisOLC: Anyone w/ room desc. problems?

From: Thomas Pedersen (
Date: 05/13/96

On Mon, 13 May 1996, Eric Soderquist wrote:

Haven't seen this problem, but it sure makes a mess of your zone-file when
saving with zedit. 

> Is anyone else having problems with OasisOLC and room descriptions?  I am
> running Circle3.0bpl11 on an IRIX 5.3 machine and have been noticing some
> very strange problems with OasisOLC and room desriptions (in fact my
> Midgaard is totally screwed up, guess it's time to junk that town once and
> for all ;-).  Anyway, I notice that with room descriptions, over time and a
> lot of use of the olc system, they become garbled and the descriptions
> become jumbled around (as in characters out of place in a room desc., lines
> randomly put in at places in the room desc, etc.).  It doesn't just happen
> to one room, but for every room in the zone.   Pointer problems?  Anyone
> else seeing this sort of deal with Oasis?  Suggestions? Fixes?  If not,
> I'll go try to track this little bugger down, but that will probably be
> time consuming :-(
> Any help or info on this subject would be greatly appreciated,
> Eric Soderquist
> IMP of BlackVortexMUD, currently under development


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