Re: Removing myself from this list.

From: Jeeves (
Date: 05/13/96

Christian Laforte wrote:
> I'm a real newbie but since the discussion seems to be axed more about
> what to do with us, rather than talk about the code, I'd like to
> myself from this mailing list, anyone could tell me how to, or do it > for me?

It's a shame, I know...I'm not sure what the future of this list is, but
I would encourage you to stick around awhile. You probably signed up
just in time for "FlameFest II", but I find that this list can be very
informative regarding mud coding when the C gurus aren't at it :) . If
you really want to unsubscribe, send mail to and
in the message body include only one line:

unsubscribe circle

That should do it.

Best regards all,

Creator/IMP/Builder of CalaisMUD (under development)

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