NEWBIE talking about the flamefest

From: Marcelo Valle Moreira (
Date: 05/14/96

>>For instance, the multiple attacks code has been
>> gone over at least 2x since I joined the list... if you want a lot of this
>> stuff done, look in the Lostlands distribution where I've put in most 
>>of the
>> multi*blah* stuff... use it like a sample code on how something might be 
>> done, sometimes elegantly, most of the time, not. (Yes, this is a 
>shameless > plug... but the code's free) 

I just would like to know the address of the mentioned code fountain.

The following letter is just defending some of us newbies. It's NO offense, and you don't have to read. Sorry I'm wasting yer time.

Here I go getting flamed again.... No I'm no masochist(sp?)
so if you feel it's not for you don't have to think it is.
I'm using _you_ 'cause I can't remember all the names of ppl who called me stupid-lazy-newbie-shitty-imp =o) 
I usually read the code and compare things to understand what's going on.
Due to my poor C (I'm coding based in pascal and there are diffs yes I realized that) and the mood of the compilers I get stucked some(every?) times.
I always use grep, yes. But burn me in a cross.... I have to work 4 living =o) and(I know you all have) the way I got into internet is by college(this is for u 2 notice i've to study). The spare time I have is the time I sould sleep. 
I ain't talking on this matter cuz no matter what I say you can find me time to learn C 'cause you know me so well and you have my agenda sitting on your lap so you can see how lazy I am and how stupid I am and you also can see I'm not worth of being an implementor.
I crash the mud secondly(day-daily, second-?) and I sometimes it takes a long time to tidy my mess, and I have players(ppl that is betatesting the mud for me) always saying I did wrong and I have to fix and it is easy to fix but I am lazy.
Well, lemme quit talking. what I wanna say is that me and some newbies are working but ain't studying C cause there's a metaphisical causis(that U can not undertand and/or accept) that do not allow us to be C gurus like you.
SO, masters of the universe(this should be youniverse cause you so important in it) fathers of knowledge inventors of C could you please quit this flamefest?
I'm really sorry for writting this but even newbies have opinions, I was feeling so bad earlier that I mailed the list saying I agreed with the split, but now I think it's not the best to do.
What you call stupid simple answer for a jerk-suckin' question I sometimes call amazing discoveries.
Once again I'm sorry and all my respect to Jeremy who worked and still is(and answers my mails not calling me clueless), gilmore, icarus, tgd, frag, amp, samedi, naved, ujtr, and all the others who gave me a chance and dropped me a line of code or a hint or a <cough> CS 1 <cough> comment in the mail, but were VERY polite.
Don't get me misunderstood. I am not trying to say anything between the lines. All I'm doing is fighting for my category =o) (newbies of the world unite! gurus of the world give us a hand!) I respect you all for yer coding ability and for posting your ideas, but it's time to stop fighting. I need this list I think some ppl do. I have made some code myself and I've posted or sent to ppl. so don't call me bloodsucker.

Sorry for the spam.

best regards,


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