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From: Marcelo Valle Moreira (pira@dcc.unicamp.br)
Date: 05/14/96

I'm using this list out of its purpose, so don't read it if you're flamable!

I'm working for an english language institute(as you could notice I'm not american/english =o), and they loved some pearls I got from here, and so I started a research and I'm asking you to cooperate with me please!

I'm working on slangs, on the way you ppl talk. You native speakers, those who know english, not 'cause somebody taught you, but cause you were born in a country which language is english.
You have a special way of speaking, when we learn english we learn it from  books. But you all learned it on the streets. I can get slangs from music and from movies, but I've never collected so many words and expressions as I did in this list =o) thanks VERY MUCH.

I ain't no sure about the meaning of "a gun with hair trigger" so could someone gimme some help?

in the books I learned "I am not sure about anything", but I'm always listening "I ain't no sure about nothing". =o)

see... this is the aim of the research.

if you can gimme an address of a list I can join to get more data, PLEASE do it.
and if you know(of course you do) any words and expressions, I'd never find in a dictionary mail me a list. I'd report here the best word and the best expression elected by the institute staff(if you ain't flaming me).

Thanks very much, I'll RTFL if you send it to me =o)

WidowMaker, researching about slangs and expressions.

PS: a friend of mine asked me about this:

1 - what means furth?
2 - what means heck? I told him that heck is used as hell, in what the heck are you talking about?!!? or something like it.
3 - If you have sex with a virgin girl her himen is gone, so here we say she lost her "cabaco". or that you took her "cabaco" off. do you have an expression for this? I DO not mean offending anyone with this question sorry if I did guys.

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