CODE: check do_wear and fight.c

From: Billy H. Chan (bhchan@po.EECS.Berkeley.EDU)
Date: 05/14/96

Well, I just noticed another item, but since I've fully mucked with 
do_wear, I'm not sure if it a valid bug.  But, in case it is, I think
people might want it pointed out.
Anyhow, do_wield checks if a WEAR_WIELD is also a WEAPON, but if do_wear
doesn't and allows a NONWEAPON to be worn in WEAR_WIELD, then in fight.c,
you will have a problem because in hit(), wielded is assumed to be a
WEAPON, but if it isn't, strange values for damage might crop up.
(that's one long run-on, ain't it?)
If this isn't the case, then sorry for the bother... but an insidious
builder could easily take advantage of this loophole if it is the case.
(similar to the miningpick==rentable-key loophole in castle strangelove)
-- Billy  H. Chan
   CogSci/CompSci     ResumeInside

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