speaking of magic systems...

From: the count (goamkows@janeway.geog.scarolina.edu)
Date: 05/16/96

anybody seen the system they got over on Arctic?
i rather like that system :)
(almost like AD&D, where you have to find spells
to put in your spell book and then memorize them
before you can cast them, and you can only mem so
many of any given level, etc.   just no material
components in their system)

i don't remember what type of mud that is, but
i would be curious to know if anybody has done
anything similar with a circle mud.

i am thinking of adding material components to 
my mud (i saw the note in the magic.c about it,
and i figured i would do it :)
would *you* want to play on a mud where spells
required material components?   obviously low
level spells will have fairly common components
(some even buyable at shops, like garlic for example;
especially for first level spells).

also, i've been taking a lot of info away from
the players' view, and was wondering how much
would you be willing to have taken away?
it's not designed as a strict role playing mud,
and pkilling and pstealing are not allowed (i compiled
with the NO option for both of those).  but i do want
it to be a mud that is challenging and makes people
think :)

things like ability scores should be ok by most
i would imagine, but how about hp, move and mana?
experience points and level?  (they know they are
gaining levels since they can still see their skills
and/or spells and know when they acquire new ones).
i did away with the report command and am thinking
of throwing out the score command altogether as well
(or make it imm only, anyway ;)
so, as an informal poll, how much info is too much
to take away?

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