Re: windows95

From: Gerry Smith (
Date: 05/17/96

Ian Stephenson wrote:
> >
> >Yes. I have compiled Circle 3.0 on Win95 and NT without a hitch. (Using
> >MS VC++ 4.0)
> >
> >Gerry
> How are you connected to the Internet?  Does the server load when you're
> disconnected?

I am System Admin for an ISP, so I have access to all the servers as well as a dedicated dialup line from home. 
I compiled and am running Circle on one of the servers (NT3.51), this is the 'production' mud. My system at 
home is on Win95. I also compiled and am running Circle on it, and use it for mud developmenmt. I didnt know 
the answer to the last question, so I tried it. Yes, the mud loads fine without actually being connected. I was 
suprised at this, since every other winsock related program I have fires up the dialer program when launched 
while not connected. Go figure.

For the curious, neither mud is very far into the customization stage, are basically 'stock'. If you would like 
to see what a mud on a P6 -200Mhz machine feels like, you're welcome to login. The address is ' 


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