Re: NEWBIE: autorun question.

From: Michael Buselli (
Date: 05/17/96

Daryle Foulke <> wrote:

> Ok here is the deal.. Before I started playing around with the mud I 
> wanted to make sure it compiled and got running correctly.  By the way I 
> am using circle30bpl11 and it compiled with not even a warning!! But when 
> I went to run the autorun it gave me this:
> PORT:4000: Cammand not found.
> FLAG:-m -q: Command not found.
> while: Expression Syntax.
> So how do I get the mud to run?  Any help would be most wanted.

     You probably don't have csh installed, or it may be in a different
location on your system than is indicated in the first line of autorun,
which as of patch level 8 was still the shell autorun was written in.
I don't know if that has changed between now and then, since I remember
some discussion on it a while back.

     So (if the shell hasn't changed and is still csh) you either have
to install csh on your system or rewrite autorun to operate with sh.
Read the man pages for sh if you have not done any programming with that
shell before.  I didn't know sh programming when I converted it and I
found it quite easy.

     Or, if csh *is* installed but has a different path
(/usr/local/bin/csh would be my first guess), then you may just have to
edit the first line of the file so that it uses that shell to achieve
the desired effect.

Michael Buselli

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