A C Question: sue me ;)

From: Graham Gilmore (gilmore@gmgate.vircom.com)
Date: 05/18/96

	I'm trying to read in stuff from a file directly into a structure 
using fscanf().  fscanf() of course requires pointers;  how do I generate 
a pointer for an int member of the structure?

	I have tried:   &(chf.value)  	where chf is the structure, and
			&((*chfp).value) where chfp is a pointer to the 
structure.  These give me the warning :
	'int format, different type arg (arg <x>)'.

	I also tried &chf.value (chf being a structure) which gives the 
same thing.

	and I even tried (&chf).value which of course didn't work.

	How do I get the address of the structure element?  Help! :)
	(Yes, I could read it in to another variable and then assign it 
to the structure..  but I am wondering if there is really a way to do the 

	Graham Gilmore

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