CODE: I have really big probs with obuild :(

From: Crimson (
Date: 05/19/96

I really do have big problems with obuild, and this means my zone 
builders cant get anything done :(

Problem 1) Zone editing, if i try to create a new zone using zedit create 
           the mud crashes with a segmentation fault.  I can get round 
           this little problem by creating the zone offline, but that 
           means i have to reboot the mud for it to be editable.
Problem 2) Setting any sort of reset in a zone, its fine for 1 reset and 
           will let me add extra resets after the first but the second i 
           do a zedit save, zstat or zreset it takes the mud down with a 
           segmentation fault.  Likewise this can be got round the same 
           way as above.  This is really self defeating tho as i want 
           online creation without rebooting the mud :(
Problem 3) When i enter medit, if i type mstat and not specify a mob 
           number it crashes with a seg fault.  ostat and zstat work fine 
           if i dont specify a number and i cant see any reason for mstat 
           not to do so as well.

These are the only problems i have found so far.  Could someone please 
help because i really need to get my zone designers working, and an 
offline package just doesnt give the same freedom to them.

Please, please, please help me :)

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