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From: Pandion-Knight (
Date: 05/20/96

On Mon, 20 May 1996 wrote:

>   Can anyone tell me where to go to change area spells damage to PC's in 
> thier group? I have PK allowed on and area spells seem to hit those in your
> group as well. I could do a check in damage(), but is there a better function
> (or easier) to do it in?
>              -- Shade

mag_areas, magic.c..

whack a check in looking something like

  if (tch->master == ch)

i trust that u know roughly where to whack the check in.. it basically 
stops the spell effect being acted out on ppl who are following you.  
alternatively you could ALSO check that tch has AFF_GROUP flag...

  if ((tch->master == ch) && (IS_AFFECTED(tch, AFF_GROUP)))

that means ppl who follow you and are grouped would be passed over by 
your spell.  very good for group-type "clan" wars :)

hope this helps...

Pandion 8000

Christopher Voutsis

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