Re: Mob Programs

From: Hades (
Date: 05/22/96

>   Wondering who has tried the mobprog.patch.  I used to play on a Merc 
> that had this installed, and mobs ALL over the place using mobprogs like 
> this, and it was very very nice. BUT, that mud crashed all the freakin 
> time. Was so bad, the IMP would echo for coders every once in a while. 
> I'm not sure if the proglem was in the mobprogs or not (the Merc was 
> heavily modified), but I've heard mob programs can be very buggy. Who's 
> used it and with what kind of success?

As far as mobprograms go, yeah they are nice, and yes it's very very
convienent to make mobs do nifty things, but as far as use... it's a bitch
on the system running and interpreting the mobprograms, and uses a lot of
memory (well not a LOT, but still every byte counts). If you know anything
about coding you can do mob programs with spec mobs. One trillion times
faster and usuaslly a bit more stable.

And yeah, I had mobprograms installed, it was nice, but for memory/cpu time
reasons, I removed it and just use spec_procs now.


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