Re: Mob Programs

From: Chris Dodd (
Date: 05/22/96

>As far as mobprograms go, yeah they are nice, and yes it's very very
>convienent to make mobs do nifty things, but as far as use... it's a bitch
>on the system running and interpreting the mobprograms, and uses a lot of
>memory (well not a LOT, but still every byte counts). If you know anything
>about coding you can do mob programs with spec mobs. One trillion times
>faster and usuaslly a bit more stable.
>And yeah, I had mobprograms installed, it was nice, but for memory/cpu time
>reasons, I removed it and just use spec_procs now.

I am on the unlucky road, where the coder who was before me one year in advance
decided he did not like specials, so none exist :(  I guess making one up might
be cool, though. haha

Dont ask why he did it, for I have no clue.


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