Re: Mob Programs

From: David Wruck (
Date: 05/22/96

On Wed, 22 May 1996, Chris Dodd wrote:

> I was wondering if you, or anyone else, knew if a better doc existed anywhere?
> I am doing pretty well personally, but more clear docs would be nice to even me,
> and other people as well.

	Yeah, try this site:

	And look in the MOBProgram area. The doc file in there has been 
modified and has the corrections made to them.

	A great many thanks to Zippy the Wonderslug on this page. It may 
not be one of the seven wonders of the on-line world, but hey.. there's
information in that 'thar web-page.
> Also, is there any place with more elaborate mob program examples?  Be
> interested
> in seeing what other people have done.

	Mostly what people is play around until they get the mobs to do 
almost everything for them.. I am working on a MOBProgram to take care of 
all of the system administration work... Basically here is the starting code:

>speech_prg p help~
  if isnpc($n)
    tell $n You are a MOB beat it.
    if level <=5
       tell $n You are a newbie. Get a mortal to help. Loser.
      if level <=10
         tell $n You know what you are doing. Get lost or I'll P-Wipe you.

	So what do you think? (I DO hope you all take this in the 
satirical manner in which I wrote it.)

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