Re: CODE: The quick question revisited

From: Skylar (
Date: 05/22/96

On Wed, 22 May 1996, Jeeves wrote:

> Would anyone mind answering the post I made regarding a function to load 
> objects from the database and put them in specific rooms using contingencies 
> (i.e. When X happens, object #666 is loaded and sent to room #121). Does 
> such a function exist? What is it called? And what are the parameters? And 
> where in the source is it (I've looked myself but with little success).I 
> would appreciate any help.

What contingencies do you want to trigger the loading of the obj's?  Its
the only thing thats important, because depending on when you want this
little event to happen, you'll need to insert the code at that point.
Re: if its when a certain thing happens durring a fight, you'll want to
stick yer check in perfom_violence() most likely, or if its timed, or
depending on a certain season, you'll want to put the trigger right in
weather.c or limits.c ... if its going to happen when someone types some
command, then right in that command.

The basic meat of what you need to put in, wherever it is you want it
to be triggered to happen would be something like:

obj_to_room(read_object(real_object(666), REAL), 121);



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