Unix question

From: Hades (tourach@servtech.com)
Date: 05/23/96

Ok, flame me for being off topic, but I do think you people arte a bit too
anal sometimes about off topic posts and how fast you are to flame... "You
are spamming the list with off topic crap!" Well know what? Your flames are
10x worse, because each off topic post gets at least 2 or 3 flames, which
spam the list even more. Grow up before you are so quick to yell and cry.

Now to those of you mature enough otu there to know that I am not talking
about you, and not get all pissy about what I just wrote, because you all
know that is true...

Anyone know how to set up a RAM drive in linux? Is it possible? I'd like to
compile on a ramdrive, to speed things up, then copy the circle file over to
the ahrd drive lateron. And for other various uses... any ideas?


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