ANNOUNCE: xmobedit - GUI S mobile editor

From: Mark Weel (
Date: 05/23/96

Xmobedit is a tool with a graphical user interface to add, remove and
edit the mobiles of a CircleMUD. It is designed to edit S mobiles
fast and easy without knowledge of the file format of the mobiles. 

For the graphical user interface, xmobedit uses X-Windows and the
Xforms library. You must have the Xforms library if you want to
compile xmobedit yourself. It is available in binary form only. Note:
you don't need to be root in order to install the Xform library. If the
computer you work on doesn't have the Xforms library yet, you can install 
it yourself. 

For further information, have a look at:

You can find a screenshot, binaries for linux and solaris,
as well as the source there.

Best regards, Mark

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