Re: purpge players

From: Marcelo Valle Moreira (
Date: 05/27/96

> I have a question and I hope it is not a stupid one. =)
  It hardly is, usually the answer is stupid =o)
> I am getting ready to up my mortal levels to 100. Once i do this my imp char will no longer be an imp char right?

  yes, u're right.

> If I purge players, will the next charcter once again becom,e an imp level?
  yep, u're right again.

> Or is there a way to edit the pfile or something to change my char's level after the change?
  edit yer act wizard.c to allow the set level command to player idnum #1, what means you, so you can set yer level to what you want, and you'll always be able to be any level you want, even get killed =o) there are thousands other ways of doing this, just givin' you a clean&fast one =o)

> thanks
  any time I can help.


PS. :someone asked about which files are envolved in changing levels? try cd src
and try a grep -e "LVL_IMPL +" it was my first try ages ago. you'll get other ways of grepping, just a hint =o)

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