Re: Trouble with gdb

From: Chris Austin (
Date: 05/28/96

Rasmus Rxnlev wrote:
> Mark Devlin wrote:
> > > A little system info:
> > > Linux   v 1.3.32
> > > GDB     v 4.14
> > > Gcc     v 2.7.2
> > Are all of these ELF or a.out?  a.out gdb will choke on ELF debug info.
> Well, that was more or less what I was wondering about, problem is I have
> no idea how to check for it. If you know any way to do so, or know of
> a newsgroup that'll be able to help me sort it out I'd be gratefull.
> Regards,
> Con.

GDB 4.14 that comes with Slackware 3.0 and some other distributions is
toted as being ELF, but they are broken.  You can FTP just the binary
version of GDB 4.14 that works from sunsite, not sure where though.  You
can also get GDB 4.15 from somewhere, I'm sure.  It came with my RedHat


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