Re: NEWBIE: Non-cardinal directions part 2.

From: Marcelo Valle Moreira (
Date: 05/29/96

> Hi. I have non-cardinal directions working GREAT. I've made commands and
> everything, they work fine.
> BUT, my ne, sw, etc. commands don't work. Typing ne gets news, sw gets
> switch, etc. I added them at the end in interpreter.c, btw. So, my question
> is, how do I fix? I'm guessing adding them at the beginning and renumbering
> all other commands wouldn't work, or would it?
> Thanks.
just a tip: interpreter.c seems to "scan" the command list searching for the first letters to match and perform a command.
if you want sc as a shortcut for score place it b4 scan command. if you want sc as a shortcut for scan, place it b4 score. =o)

if you place any command ne* b4 ne, then it will never be reached =o)


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