Re: NEWBIE: Adding Classes

From: Gore (
Date: 05/29/96


In your src:

grep warrior -il *[ch] >> warrior

This will tell you every file that you will need to modify to add the
class.  Then:

grep warrior -in *[ch] >> warrior.lines
This will tell you every line# and every file where warrior occurs.

btw... the >> will write this info out to a file.

The -i will make the grep case insensitive.

I am not a coder nor do I pretend to be but ANYONE can add a new class by
doing this, although it will take you a few hrs the first time.

Also,  I recommend you add more than 1 so that you don't have to re-do
this process over and over.  Just add any word like bard, then go back
through the files and using vi do a :%s/bard/whatever/g.  This will
replace every instance of bard with whatever.  If you don't want the other
new classes to be available, just don't allow ppl to choose them at char
creation.  This is done in class.c.  You'll see....just look ;)

skills/spells *

What patch level are you using?  This makes a difference.

Either way, use the grep technique above and you'll see where
skills/spells are defined.

If you need any further help, email me back and i'll do what I can.


Tom Dailey
Gore - IMP
ZombieMUD 2150

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