Re: Strange bug with trans command

From: The Green Dragon (
Date: 05/30/96

	yeah i hav had this problem too but i think you will find that it 
only happens w/ players not mobs ... well at least for me that is the 
case .. i have looked at it a few times in between projects but i don't 
see anything that could be causeing it .. <boggle> ... but if i am 
correct i think it went away after i upgraded to p11 .. 

On Thu, 30 May 1996 wrote:

> I have discovered a very nasty bug, and my backups semm to have it
> as well, so I cannot recover.
> When I use the trans command, the mud crashes.
> I haven't changed any code related to this command, nor have I altered
> the pfile structures in any way. Has anyon ehad this [prob?
> Chcuk

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