Conversion of player file

From: Remko Wiersma (
Date: 05/30/96

For anyone who's interested, I just finished converting the famous 
playerfile to standard ASCII files. No more player wipes, no more 
corruption. If something's wrong, just edit the textfile and it's 
done. It's very easy to add new stuff to it now, just add to 
appropriate code to the store_to_char and char_to_store procs, and 
everything works fine.

We're kinda beta testing it right now, and will probably run in to 
some bugs and other problems, but so far everything works just fine.
If it stays that way, I'll convert the object/rent file too, maybe 
I'll make just one file per player, containing everything, that is, 
stats, objects, aliases, reimbs etc.

Anyone who's interested, mail me.


Remko M. Wiersma		Student Computer Science at the  
				      University of Twente	 
or WWW: (but it's OLD!)
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