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From: Pandion-Knight (
Date: 05/30/96

On Thu, 30 May 1996, Brian Williams wrote:

> Well, I made eye, face, and ear wear.. made it right.. I think.. editted 
> it in all the files.. and yet still.. you can wear head, eye, both ear, 
> leg, hold wield.. but the rest.. you can't wear anywhere.. but if you 
> type wear <item> finger.. it says "You wear <item> on your hands" and it 
> wears em on yer hands... what I am wondering is.. does anyone know how to 
> fix this, or have any idea what I might have done wrong?
> Nashak
> The Realms of Luminari
> 4000

Edit the array of wear messages in perform_wear, act.obj.c the root of 
the problem is in there somewhere.  Whats moren that procedure the code 
checks if the wearpos is between WEAR_FINGER (which off the top of my 
head is first on the list) and WEAR_HOLD... the new wear pos's are 
outside that arent they, cos they're after WEAR_HOLD.. right..

Hmm, thats COMPLETELY off the top of my head.  I might be wrong... :)

Chris Voutsis

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