From: Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira (
Date: 05/31/96

Helo again!

Ok, I was going through the documentation of Mob programs and then I read 
a great book, Internet Agents, and I wanted to know if there is ANY 
implementation of a bot for Circle MUD, I know about spec_procs, and I 
know about mob programs, but what I am loking for is a "real" bot, which 
was independent of circle code... That could be changed without 
recompiling (at least not recompiling the mud code). I saw something 
about a Colin and a Julia bots that work in TinyMUDs...

Obivously it could be implemented via spec_procs, but it'd be a duanting 
task, and not much portable.

It could also be made with mobprograms, but this bot would eat so 
much CPU alone that it'd slow the MUD to a crawl (it is already being 
slowed every time someone enter with a lot of equipment with this autoeq 

Maybe there exists some bot I could implement in UNIX that does its own 
telnet and interacts with the MUD players as a character, helps them out, 
gives messages, chats with them, etc. Maybe through a script or 
something, and interacts via natural language...

Has anyone done this for Circle?

Thanks in advance

MythagoMUD 4000

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