evil races and names

From: Toss Sidoti (todds@primenet.com)
Date: 06/01/96

I'm a new mud coder working with 3.0 level 11 CircleMUD code. I'm going 
to modify the codebase for good/evil races at war with each other. I have no
problem making enemy races anonymous in the list_one_char() function a la 
+* a Human *+ is standing here. But in act.movement.c i dont know how to 
set it up to get results like: +* A Human *+ arrives because i dont have 
any refrence to the chars in the target room (i?) Can anyone point me in 
the right direction as to this and as to how i can make it target an 
enemy if one types 'kill human' or 'kill darkie'?
Thank you in advance,

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