Re: Code: Changing Stat Range to 1-100

From: the root of all evil (
Date: 06/02/96

On Sun, 2 Jun 1996, Brian Christopher Guilbault wrote:

> ran into a problem with the strenght stat when tring to make it go to 35 
> I think it was. We wanted a very high strength possible due to stat mods 
> for various races. We eventually gave up this pursuit because if players 
> modified their strength above 18/100, it would reset to 18/0...sometimes. 
> It was really pattern was apparent, it jst happened. We 
> aborted that mission.

You could just 'grep 18 *.c' to get a pretty good idea of where this is
happening.  Try looking in handler.c, in the functions affect_modify()
and especially affect_total().  You're looking for '(IS_NPC(ch) ? 25 : 18)'
Also, ditch the str_add stuff in affect_total(), it'll be un-needed.  You
might want to adjust the tables in constants.c as well, if you're exceding
25 str, so people can carry more than what 25 currently allows and whatnot.


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