Re: Needed: Opinions on the CircleMUD Documentation Project

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 06/02/96

> >
> Looks good so far.  May want to make sure the Circle 3.0 code
> is "ripe" enough for this.  Major code changes before standard
> release of 3.0 would mean more time spent updating the "cdp".
> Not like I see any, but you had mentioned that as a warning to
> beta users.  OLC completion only thing lacking b4 release?

That's actually the main reason why I haven't written coding.doc yet --
because when I sat down to figure out what was required to add new
spells, skills, etc. (for the purposes of writing documentation), I
realized it was much too hard and changed the code around so the
process would be easier.  Once that is done I'll be able to write


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