NEWBIE: Shop Question. [Try Again]

From: Fionn Colvin (
Date: 06/03/96

Hi all,
       I have finally got all the objects for my first town with shops
completed and am now making the shop files. However I have come across a
big problem. The shop produces the following when list is typed.

..[stuff]..  bronze buckler              ..[stuff]..
..[stuff]..  steel buckler               ..[stuff]..
..[stuff]..  bronze breast plate         ..[stuff]..
..[stuff]..  steel breast plate          ..[stuff]..

The problem is if you type buy buckler it buys the bronze buckler, if you
type buy steel it buys steel buckler, if you type buy breast or plate it
buys the bronze breast plate. The trouble is you can only buy the steel
breast plate if you type buy [number].steel. However I have lots of
dirrerent types of steel stuff above it. It therefore seems a real hassle
to count each occurance of steel above to buy the breast plate when there
are already those nice numbers down the side. Has anyone changed the shop
code so that you can just type, buy 15, which will buy the 15th item in the
list? If so could you give me an idea of how I should go about doing the

Thanks in advance


PS. I'm using version 3 pl11, with version 3 shop files.

PPS. Sorry for spamming the list with this 3 times, but for some reason
the first 2 attemps cut the bottom half of the message off. I hope it
works this time. :)

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