Object value fields and affects

From: Ground Zero Enterprises (zero@baker.cnw.com)
Date: 06/03/96

I just had a few qustion before i start on something i later find out i cant 
do :)

First of all, currently unused object affect fields can be used for 
whatever i want, i just refernce them in whatever function they affect 
normaly i dont have to initiate them anywhere special or add any text 
things to constants.c right?  I want to use the second value field in 
item_note to either be 0 for normal notes and 1 for petitions and have 
sign command where it searches a characters inventory and if there is a 
note in it and it is a petition it signs the characters name to it.  
Anyone have any ideas on the easiest way to only let a character sign a 
specific petition once? 

Also i saw some people talking about having items that grant spell 
affects like for fly or something when worn.  I am thinking if its 
feasible of just adding another command for the object files with the format

affect_flag duration 

One last thing, is the MAX_OBJ_AFFECT define there to only monitor the 
amount of space in the player object files used for affects or is their
other things it will affect if i change its size?


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