Dynamic obj descriptions and castle.c

From: Ground Zero Enterprises (zero@baker.cnw.com)
Date: 06/03/96

Castle.c is only used for that specific area correct?  I took out all of 
the stock areas and am writing my world from scratch and was wondering if 
i can delete the castle.c file from the makefile and my src.

Also, is it possible to make objects with dynamic descriptions? I want to 
make it so althoug gold is still kept track of in the char file that 
players will have an object that looks like "x gold coins" where x would 
= GET_GOLD(ch) but i cant figure out how to do it without putting checks 
in show_obj_to_char (i think tahst the function name) that check if the 
item is TYPE_MONEY or not and if it is then 

send_to_char("%d gold coins", GET_GOLD(ch)); 

or something like that. Anyone have any suggestions?


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