We Are Not Telepathic

From: Brian Pape (bpape@ezl.com)
Date: 06/05/96

> I recently was forced to delete Circle. Now I'm trying to put it back in,
> but when I compile, it spits out a ton of errors and gives me an error 2.
> Any suggestions? I've recompiled my kernel about 5 times now, I'm running
> 1.3.92, Redhat Linux... thanks

This is just a general comment on all the people who have recently posted
questions like this, without posting any code (if code problems), or any
gcc/make output if they are having compile problems.  It is impossible to
give you any decent help without having something to go off of.  There are
a thousand different reasons that you could be getting errors, but when
you don't bother to post the error, you won't get any help.

Reign of Towers

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