Hi :)

From: Bobby J. Bailey (bbailey@Morse.public.lib.ga.us)
Date: 06/06/96

Hi! Well, this is just an introductory type message. I have been working
with muds for a couple of years, (mostly admin type stuff), and have only
recently gotten my hands dirty by attempting to learn to code :)

So, I figured, "Why not?" and decided to use CircleMUD as the distribution
to start with, and use it to tinker with while I learn. So, here I am. I'll
try not to be too annoying, or ask TOO many dumb questions, but if I slip up
and start, just tell me to shuddap ;)

        - Chil

Bobby J. Bailey                      ||  Snail-mail Address:
bbailey@morse.public.lib.ga.us       ||  558 Harper Road
AKA                                  ||  Cairo, GA 31728
Chil                                 ||  USA

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