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From: Ric Klaren (
Date: 06/07/96


Talking of crontab scripts and stuff:

I just did a bit of a rewrite/rehack/robustify/extend on the cron-scripts 
from (file was called cron.install.xxxx.gz or 
something like it... don't remember offhand. 


- Added the -d option off the cron-manage script and some other stuff. 

- tested running Linux so beware if you're using some other flavor of 

- possible to have autorun/circle running on more ports without interference
of other autorun scripts (just copy the script change the name and port it
runs on et voila) (e.g. the scripts won't kill eachother or running parts 
of it) (didn't test but should work) (could be done with a para or so 
with the same script but allas I don't use this feature)

- when the mud gets a shutdown pause it puts a sign on the port e.g. runs 
a little prog called sign which puts a text on the telnet port of choice.

- it kills the sign when pause file is removed so the mud can run

- if you make a new mud (in our setup new makes from circle get the name it moves the new one the circle and starts it. e.g. On your old
bugridden mud ;) you do a shutdown pause then delete the executable (or move
it or whatever...) then remove the pause file. Then the script starts waiting
for the compile to finish (the appearance of then gets
moved to circle (now fully bugfree NOT!!!! ;) and kicks it back in the
air..... (hopefully)

- furthermore I tried to make the lot as robust as possible (should be 
pretty failsafe by now but no guarantees....)

- Added lot's of comments so it might be instructive :)

- if the autorun script drops out for some odd reason it gets restarted 
every quarter of an hour. (as in the original scripts) 

- the script sees if it's already running and refuses to startup in that 
case (everything to get that mailbox empty *sigh*)

If you want this stuff drop me a line. (it's about 4K uuencoded (tar.gz) so
it's possible to get it by mail) Is it considered waste of bandwidth if I
mailed it inhere??? 

If there's lot's of people outthere who want it i'll see if I can get it on
the anon ftp of our site or on ... 

The scripts could be combined with the stuff from Jaco....

Grtnx Ric

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