Finding a class in a room

From: Rob Stewart (
Date: 06/08/96

	I think I was a little too vague in my last message for anyone to 
respond, so I'll try again.

	I'm trying to create a class-searching function, and I can't seem 
to get it to work, everytime I try something, it messes up and I get it 
to crash .. 

int genetic_find in handler.c contains the search program, ie:

  if (IS_SET(bitvector, FIND_CHAR_ROOM)) {
    if ((*tar_ch = get_char_room_vis(ch, name))) {
      return (FIND_CHAR_ROOM);

  	Does anyone know how I can modify this to find a particular class 
in a room?  (ie, if tar_ch = CLASS_WARRIOR, get_char_room_vis etc)..  Any 
help would be appreciated.

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