Full-time coder position available

From: Gore (tgd@iglou.com)
Date: 06/09/96


Zombie_mud_USA, a circle 3.0 bpl8 (now pl11) has openings for full
time coders who have the time and experience and most of all who want to
take a mud that has a good player base, full OLC, extremely cool imms and
help expand it.

What we desire from the coder(s):

: At least 1 year experience of C coding (no newbies who want to "learn")
: The ability to test the code off-line on their own machines.  We keep
  the master-src and we apply the patches to the master.
: The ability to work in a team atmosphere.  Every immortal on Zombie has
  equal say on matters and everyones ideas/comments/bitches are listened

What we offer:

:  A stable site.  We've been up for 1 year and the relationship with
   our server is strong.
:  Stable Code.  Our past coders have been some of the best on the net.
:  NO attitudes.  The first rule to being an imm on zombie is "This is
   just a game."  Most of our imms have played muds since the early 90's,
   therefore, we've seen all of the "mud politics" that go on...there is
   none on zombie. btw..i've been mudding since 1990 (Copper I and Judy
   mud.  Judy went to fredmud, and now is henrymud...I think).
:  A good player base.
:  Full OLC already in place..Menu driven wld/obj/mob/zon/shp and assemble
:  Race code already in place.
:  100 mortal lvls and 8 imm lvls
:  A good building team.. 7000 rooms of which 4500 are original.

Well, I'll quit rambling...

If you're interested please log on the game and look for Gore, Gabriel or

Otherwise please email freyj@iserv.net and in the subject line put:
ZombieMUD:  coder position

This goes to the immortal mailing list.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to talking to everyone interested!


Tom Dailey
Gore - IMP
zombie.iglou.com 2150

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